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The All-Seeing Eye
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Thursday, November 2nd, 2006
9:28 pm
8:27 pm
My Accent, since everyone cool is doing it...
What American accent do you have?
Your Result: The Northeast

Judging by how you talk you are probably from north Jersey, New York City, Connecticut or Rhode Island. Chances are, if you are from New York City (and not those other places) people would probably be able to tell if they actually heard you speak.

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The West
What American accent do you have?
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Tuesday, October 31st, 2006
9:01 pm
Tuesday, October 17th, 2006
11:32 pm
The Tyranny of Stars
So, really that has nothing to do with anything, but it sounds cool. I must be channeling Mark. Heh.

October is the month of madness.

First, the Eric, Erik, Steve, Warren, Jeremy, Mike, Travis machine invaded Ye Olde Homestead. Much fun was had. Games were played... I had a great time. Some of the chaps went to the Playboy Club Thingy. I am very fortunate to have such good friends.

The next weekend: Mark's Bachelor party. Mark, Kurt, Jeff, Jack, Neil, and a cameo by Heidi and Todd. Shadows Over Camelot was played. A lot of Bang as well, and a lot of fun with Ghost Recon II. Some movies. I had to go be Cat in the Goddamn Hat for a couple of hours - wherein my tail was ripped off by some enterprising young person who needs sterner parenting - but it was a blast, overall. I really hope to see these people once a year at least to enjoy each other's company and regress to our college days.

(and damnit... I had a shield I could have used in our little melee)

Thanks to all who came out. I laughed and had a load of fun, and feel sad that I don't have good friends closer after these two weeks.

TOMORROW: off to New Jersey to see my ladylove. More than one person is worried about the speed of the relationship. Rest assured, it's mutual and feels very right. I readily agree that my usual MO looks like this but is far more delusional and less healthy, but the lovely Lauren is what makes my clock tick, my heart beat, my sun undergo nuclear fusion...

I dig her. No relationship has ever felt more right. I know, self-delusion check. AH! Made the roll!

So, tomorrow night, very late, begins an 11 hour odyssey of flights and layovers, all so i can spend a few more hours with her than the redeye would provide.

OTHER NEWS!~ November... it's going to kill me.

I've cut myself down to 8 comics a month. After 3 weeks of not hitting the store, I only had two comics in my box. Crazy.

But, I need to be saving more. Responsibility, groovy girlfriend, you know...

BUT... November...

Battlelore comes out. BATTLELORE!!! I want it!!! The company produces NOTHING but gold. They made Shadows Over Camelot, for god's sake. And Memoir 44!!!

Additionally, I see that Medieval II: Total War is coming out. MAN! My love for the Crusades and the Medieval Period, all ready to purr on my PC.

Can I buy these things in good conscience? NO!!! I must save!!! GAAAAAAH!

My hope is that my birthday will involve massive gift certificates or very savvy shoppers who love to see me in the grips of my (now economically restrained by Hal Jordanian force of will) nerdery.


Been trying to order that damn Utilikilt. No dice on the size and style I wanted. Grrrr. I can call back over the next few days and cross my fingers. They've got the Survival Kilt in my size in black, but I'd really wanted the Workman's. Grrr. The Survival I could get here in time, but it's 55 dollars more than the workman. :(

I can't even remember the last gaming book I bought. I'm reading Burning Empires - very good and interesting take on roleplaying as a more tactical affair with a lot of shared responsibility for designing the setting. I dig it. Borrowed it from Jerry, but damn... I want my own. Based on the Iron Empires graphic novels that Jeremy read while he was here.

Hm, was it the Ultimate Power book I got Renee to buy at Gen Con for me?


Anyhow, After my trip to Jersey, it's off to a wedding in LA. I'm hoping the present I want to get is available. I might have to get the artist to make one special if it isn't, and then it'd be too late for it to be at the wedding. I really need to preplan things better.

Anyhow, signing off for now. I have to get thinking about the packing process...

Much Love to the Nerds...
Thursday, September 28th, 2006
10:56 pm
Sucking sound
Why is America becoming a scarier place to live?
I'm thinking "Could my dual-class citizenship come back top haunt me?"
Why is it the Democrat's only defining characteristic is they're not the Republicans. It's like watching slow, torturous Darwinism in action as the Democrats choke on their own vaporous identity. If this were evolution, I'd applaud the Republicans - the Democrats clearly can't compete. It's like all their cunning and foresight is paralyzed.

I'm not sure. I live in a nation of sheep. Money, media... these seem to be the only things that matter. It's too hard to read big law, it's too hard to keep abreast. Swallow the pap, keep walking, go down the chute to the abbatoir. Dignity and the moral high ground seem to be valueless. The world does not make sense when I try to understand it, and if fills me with anger - being good, being ethical, should be so simple despite the cynics who will say it is not so. Our society has become a trembling monster, barely able to walk under the staggering weight of its injustice and hypocrisy.

I'm not a democrat or a republican. I vote on whom I think has the issues right.

No one does.

Everybody's ass is up for grabs...
Wednesday, September 13th, 2006
10:22 pm
Hulk am Amazed!
So... Hulk am say....check it out.


Now Hulk am go get dainty scissors to make Hulk own pretty pretty!

You am make pretty, Hulk smash pretty!
5:45 pm
So... the days are a mix of wonderful and dreadful. Prepare for me getting all mushy and mentioning Lauren a lot...

Raising the Devon... hard. Frought with worry. She respects nothing, thinks the world revolved around her. She accepts no punishment as just, and strikes back with spiteful, petty actions. Is this the person I helped make?

In other news... the Lauren thing is the best thing ever. After being close friends for so long who cared about each other and saw each other during the best and worst of times, who offered advice and support during the crappy times...

So, this sudden explosion of a relationship is passionate, but we both agree it's really comfortable... it makes sense. We've questioned if we care about each other, or care about the idea of caring and being cared for. If feels genuine, we both agree. I'll be travelling to New Jersey to see her in October, it sounds like.

In other news: I may have to sell some game crap to make money. Like the Dune RPG... that should fetch 100 bucks or so.

I need to buy a Utilikilt for a wedding - Mark's wedding in October.

I've got 3 boxes of Shadowfist's new set I need to buy. Man... my desire to support the game shoots me in the foot due to timing. Sigh.

I need to buy a wedding present, and I saw a really good one at First Fridays with Lauren.

I need to get money for other games - most particularly Battlelore by Days of Wonder, the people who make the excellent Memoir '44 that I need to play more. Lower priority, certainly.

I need to buy the Motorola Q, on the Verizon network. $99 through Amazon. A new smartphone is good. Being able to talk whenever I want to Lauren is good.

Overall, though, I need to start saving more than ever before. I'm going to scale back on comics - easier since I can generally get the library to order them. Also, fewer DVDs.

Other things I've learned:

Ella Fitzgerald, bought on a whim the morning of the day I picked up Lauren while getting a frappucino before storytime, may be the best money I ever spent.

I need to learn how to slow dance. Lauren likes to slow dance. I like to dance with Lauren.


October: busy month.

Weekend 1: The LA Posse, the Shadowfist Illuminati, coming to town. Can't wait!

Weekend 2: Bachelor Party for Mark. Nerd party. Boardgames. Neil is probably more pro-stripper than I am. Sadly, I've also gotta be Cat in the Hat at 2 and 7 pm for about an hour or so.

Weekend 3: I get to go see the lovely Lauren.

Weekend 4: Mark's Wedding.

So yeah... going to be a rough month, and I'm still not quite on my economic feet from Comic Con. Man, one vacation really trashed me.

So, anyhow, need to buckle down and save for many reasons.

Add to that: the Library Director has given all non-Union bargaining groups their Cost of Living Raises, while walking away from the contract negotiations. I'll need to go protest at the Library Board Meeting tomorrow. More fun!
Saturday, September 2nd, 2006
1:30 pm
O Fortuna
Today, I am one of the luckier men in the world.

By Monday, I will be the luckiest.
Wednesday, August 9th, 2006
9:46 pm
Punk Rock Chicks and SuperGrrls of Comic-Con... I salute you.
I love them. Punk rock chicks. MAN... they are out is their finery at Comic-Con...
Also, oh yes... ladies in superhero outfits. Geekfetish is GO.

Read more...Collapse )
9:38 pm
Monday, July 17th, 2006
7:57 pm
Who's Going To Comic-Con?
Well? Who? I am, damn it. Do I have your cell number? Am dismayed that Spaghetti Factory is gone! Was good cheap food!!!

You better believe I am going to SDCC after missing it last year!

Considering evil...
Tuesday, June 27th, 2006
10:13 am
My Roleplaying Endeavors: Ars Magica
So, besides plying the spaceways in Pardus as Alpha Speer, and waiting for my raincheck for City of Villains to come in, I've been running a game of Ars Magica on Fridays for a few friends. Ars Magica is a game set in the 13th Century, 1221 to be precise. The caveat here is that it's not the 13th Century as we know it exactly. In Ars Magica, the world works based on the way Medieval folks, especially peasants, believed it did. Where does Amber come from? Lynx urine. And so on and so on...

I've been writing up a log of the adventures of these apprentice mages in Germany as part of the Holy Roman Empire, somewhat ignored by Frederick the Second, Holy Roman Emperor and King of Germany and Sicily.

You can read it here:
10:00 am
I'm breaking the news,
When love nearly beat us, I'm thinking like you...

That's the Yeah Yeah Yeahs...

So, has it really been a month? Wow. Been reading a lot of books on the Crusades, Medieval stuff, etc. I recommend "The Crusades Through Arab Eyes" by Amin Maalouf.

Also, watched the director's cut of "Kingdom of Heaven" which adds a TON to the film... subplots that make a lot of the film make sense whereas before it seemed a bit off.

Also, Venture Brothers... can a cartoon get any more awesome?

Anyhow, Kublacon was fun.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Got in another awesome game with Todd Furler. Watched a giant game of Shadows Over Camelot.

I do wish I had been able to hang with Eric and Erick more, and play more Fist. I had dim sum twice and it was excellent. I managed to meet Dungeon Majesty and their apparent mascot, Ricky Brown.


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Anyhow, let's see... here's some pics of people from the anime club I run at the library.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Hey, look! Ultimate Nick Fury!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And hm... in other news, need to crack down and save money for Comic Con. Should be groovy. I also need to put aside some cash and time for excellent seafood. Oh yes. Maybe I'll hit Casa de Bandini. Yum!

Of course, cracking down on cash expenses really should mean that I didn't buy the Battlestar Galactica CCG. But I did. It does, however, say it's not just a dueling but also a MULTIPLAYER game. I'm sure it's no Shadowfist, but... worth a look and a small investment. The rulebook is absolutely tiny. I recommend all the people who like BSG to give it a look: that means you, O S. Ku.
Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006
10:03 pm
Where will I be? KublaCon!
Yes, tomorrow night, I fly off to Carson City, and from the, off to San Francisco, a lovely city.

There, gaming gaming gaming.

I return next Tuesday. Oh yes... seeing my awesome California friends will be excellent.

But no Jan Malina!?! Perhaps the West Coast is no longer and challenge, and now Janzilla must tackle New York.


Well, maybe I'll hit the real GenCon next year...
Monday, May 15th, 2006
9:12 am
You can't keep Godzilla down. He just gets irradiated or Rodan falls on him, or whatever, and BAM... he's back on the streets.

I must resolve to be more like Godzilla. So, yeah, last week was pretty bleh. Low ebb. Frustrations with cashflow, where I am in life... and the lack of friends in my local area these days - of any sort of support around me, really - hit me a bit hard. When I felt down, who was there to turn to? Back in the day, Ginger at least would have been a shoulder to lean on.

Every few months this low point hits me. But now I'm feeling up. I'll hit San Fran soon and see good friends. Ooh! Got to make some new decks for Shadowfist! They'll suck!

My Friday Ars Magica game is going well. I need to get back in the GMing saddle - work on my pacing.

Thanks to all my friends. Even Eric Lui.

Sunday, May 7th, 2006
8:35 pm
Essence of Current Mood
Looking in the mirror, I can say "You are a fool." and I don't feel I'm wrong.

Took Devon to see Silent Hill, which she'd been dying to see. Condition was that certain articles of long overdue homework had to be done.

Return home. Bocaburgers and baked beans are the quick dinner we have. Devon acts like every word I say is yelled at her, no matter how calmly I speak.

I love my dog.

Can't type any more. Feel like I am going to disassemble.
2:36 pm
Hits You Like A Sledgehammer
Depression. I am wondering if I've built up, coded, over my life this interface between myself and the world, myself and the people of the world.

And it seems not to work. The assumptions that went into the program were wrong. This is 'charming'. This is 'love'. This is the way to deal with your friends/daughter/coworker/lover.

What was meant to be a way to relate has instead become lemon-juice. Perhaps too much, too intense a flavor. Or perhaps there are other problems.

I have a career, I'm happy with it... but...
I have a daughter... and I wonder "Am I a good parent?" - this last week would make most say No to that question.



(And yet, really, it should not be. This last Friday I went to the... well... 'First Friday in the Art District' here in Vegas. Our modest little art-fete appearing monthly in the down town arts district. I'd never gone before, and this one was a destination for a date. Yes, craigslist strikes again. So, off to this artsy event I go after apparently scoring high on someone's 'freaky geek test' or somesuch.

The date, apparently, was merely ok as the brush-off letter I've just read seems to confirm; that's cool. The First Friday, however, was quite surprising. A lot going on. Breakdancing, stalls, artwork, bands, lots of people. I was pretty inspired. I'll go again. Saw one or two people I had not seen in years. It might be a venue to reconnect with old friends, extend my social web a bit, get involved in some things.)

And yet... in a funk. A mental wall. My head is in a bad place.

Day in day out, the same cycle. Work, sleep, work, sleep. So little is making my life exciting right now. I'm feeling... not worthwhile. I feel like every move is the wrong move. I'm crawling from the wreckage to find more wreckage. I have a hard time relishing this solitude. My daughter's teenage years are unkind, and that only adds to the feeling of isolation.

I spend way too much time in front of the computer.
So... I'm off to rectify at least that much.
Friday, April 28th, 2006
12:00 pm
Crisis on Infinite Earths was a big deal in my high school youth. I worked briefly at a comic store for credit. I attended appearances of the writers and artists in Vegas. I had this incredible poster of all the Earths exploding with the various heroes tumbling through space. I could name every hero.

It sucked me in and clad me in nerd-steel. I got me deep into the DC Comics.

And now, it's here in immortal Absolute Edition.

Just wanted to note that it was a big deal series for me...

Nerd out...
11:33 am
My New Girlfriend
... her name is "Crisis on Infinite Earths Absolute Edition".

She is sooooo pretty. Acid free paper, a FAR better stock of paper than the original series was printed on - so white it's amazing. Oversized, so you can see all the details of Perez's art. An additional book detailing the Crisis crossovers. Wow. Eric Lui is a prince among men, and I don't deserve this! I was bribed to help myself! It's nutty!

In other news... man, I am SO addicted to Pardus! I managed to become the first 'Accountant' within the Union's crime family type structure, but another guy is hot on my trail, Vorbis. With luck, I'll keep ahead, because I've mastered the grind and know the layout of the sector's I am in. My goal is, somewhere down the line in the next couple of months, to become the first Godfather of the Union. Anyhow, I've been logged onto this game nonstop...

This week, I note that people who need to speak to me offer only silence.
Happily, new people on the east coast who seem really cool have entered my sphere of awareness and good conversations erupt. Thank you email, miracle of the age!

Sunday is my second Anime Festival at the library - 6 hours of nonstop anime... well, I lie, it has a stop for a cosplay contest and art contest... and we'll also be showing Advent Children which was a bitch to find.

Tonight: Ars Magica! The Tribunal as Fair! The appearance of wizards so old their lives bleed magic! The Templar Knights! Mystery! Intrigue! The Bishop of Basel!
Friday, April 21st, 2006
12:55 am
Just saw the Silent Hill movie. If you like the games, go see it. Not bad, though not perfect. A strong first half. Went with a date. Said date... not my wavelength, yet again. Where are the inspiring, creative people?

In Pardus, I've joined the new Union faction, and am the first person to hold the rank of 'Collector' in the game. Woo!

It's really hard for me to handle artwork, part of me, being part of a shift in my relations with someone. I dislike the new symbolism this represents, and it sticks in me like the thorn in the lion's paw. This is a subject of some internal awkwardness and external silence.

Ars Magica tomorrow.

In my spare time, I dream.
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