vrylakos (vrylakos) wrote,

Just when you think it's settled...

So, today I accepted the Teen Librarian position at Nutley.

Then, six hours later, Old Bridge library gets out of a Library Board meeting. They've amended the job to decrease the years of professional experience required, and I'm now their top candidate.

So, 8k more dollars, more vacation time, a new supervisory level position with room to make it my own and leave my mark. What's keeping me from taking it?

NOTHING. I feel kind of bad for accepting at Nutley and now sending in a letter reneging, but nothing was signed and the offer was indeed better at Old Bridge.

Soon, I will live very close to a town named Cheesequake.


The Las Vegas festivities are now FULL. I can't pack any more in, even though some of them are 'if i can make it' commitments, they're people I haven't seen since... wow... college?

So, no offense to anyone else who wanted to come. I'm just trying to budget space, time, towels, and so on. Also - sometimes I can't handle large crowds of folks - as the DarrenCon folks sort of glimpsed during exhausted-Darren-shutdown mode wherein I did not play Ivy League (TM) so I'm keeping the guest list smaller than the apparent demand.

Otherwise, I'd love to see you in other venues. Maybe Gen-Con next year?
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