vrylakos (vrylakos) wrote,

The Unbearable Lightness of Gaming...

So, my apartment is 75% boxes... maybe more. Furniture disappearing.

But my HDTV ($300 off coupon at Costco, 4 years ago or so) and Xbox 360 are still up, still going strong.

Game I'm playing (disc based): the $39.99 Project Sylpheed. It's a space fighter sim ala Wing Commander, with an anime vibe. The storyline is straight up Gundam, the controls are sort of arcane in a good way. You can flip 180% with ease, you've got missile lock ons, boost, and special maneuvers (which I rarely used - all weapon fire, quick ramming boost, and slo-mo). A ton of weapons, so you need to go through it twice at least to get them all. This second time through, I've sworn off multiple lock missiles and am trying the beam and laser weapons. Dogfights seem to be more interesting, but you still never get tired of seeing 60 missile contrails streak away from your fighter, burst into smaller missiles, and then light up the enemy squadrons. I dig it, but then I loved Wing Commander.

Xbox Live Arcade: Playing a lot of Carcasonne, Catan, and Bomberman Live. All very good, very fun.

Game Demos: Egan, all around swell guy and game designoid, does not need to pimp Stranglehold. It pimps itself. I am looking forward to going through the demo again with the posse this weekend. I pretty much must get this game as I love the Chow Yun Fat, and the game has tons of fun, and no glaring flaws that I can see. I hear the game on hard gives a different feel and respect for the action - for the better - and I'm interested in seeing if that's true.

Bioshock: there's a special feeling that a well crafted, immersive game gives in my deepest heart of heart. Bioshock's demo reeks of that feeling. Wow. The sound design and attention to detail and it's internal style is awesome.

Beautiful Katamari: I never got to play Katamari. Mark selfishly sat playing it after I finally saw him for the first time in years, secretly yearning to give it a go. I even bought it for that Heather chick thinking we'd cuddle up and roll our katamaris, O self-serving me.

Anyhow, same play, slightly better graphics, fun fun fun.

Other stuff: I must get Mass Effect. I am curious about Assassin's Creed. I'm trying valiantly to not get Halo 3 Legendary Edition... because then I'd have to get a cat to wear the helmet that comes with it. Wait... Lauren has a cat...
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