vrylakos (vrylakos) wrote,

Darren-A-Gone-Gone: the D-Dog leaving the Coast, last chance to see!

Thursday night, August 16th through August 19th Sunday, I'm hosting folks at my increasingly empty apartment.

Mark is the only confirmated personage of breeding and character whom I can verify will be in attendance. There shall be games, DVDs, Xboxery and general stuff of interests to persons of high breeding (nerds). I may give shit away, who knows?

I would hope that something akin to last year's bachelorganza might occur. Indeed, I shall be wed in the spring!

In other news: My week of interviews in New Jersey is behind me - I am sitting on a job offer from the Nutley Public Library, a small library in a nice township just across the river from NYC in Jersey. They offered my the job a scant three hours after interviewing me. It's a Teen Librarian position, with supervisory possibilities, that might grow into a senior librarian position in time. Initially the vacation days suck until 2009, but the benefits are good. Though I'll be making more than I make in Vegas, the cost of living will eat through that no problem. Two incomes will make things work overall, methinks. Lauren goes there to check out possible housing tomorrow.

I may get more offers - I expect to hear about them mid-next week.

Looking forward to: Halo 3.

I am hoping that I can convince friends this holiday season to buy an Xbox 360. The 65 nanometer chips will be out soon, perhaps arriving even now, and I hope to entice my comrades into multiplayer games, online X360 versions of Carcasonne (excellent), Catan, Uno, and more...

If interested, let me know, old chaps and chappettes.
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