vrylakos (vrylakos) wrote,

Out of Touch

Yeah, so... been a while, eh?

Tomorrow - off to NJ again to see Lauren, love of my life. Fun in things simple and goofy will be had.

The clock ticks... I haven't talked to the Ericks lately... I feel bad that I've fallen off the radar. I need to get together will my ultranerdcore friends. I've got an xbox 360 now, and it's stupid good.

Sucked into Pardus - now I leader the premier Union military strike force and am a bit of a politician... however, I've never killed anyone in the game. Sigh...

Here's my starbase's banner!

Managing my money better as I prepare for the move. DID NOT buy the ipod clock I wanted, or the ipod stereo - both of which I had coupons for...

I also need a meeting of my friends to give me a deadline for the making of Mark and Chaunacey's portrait. They actually sent me a pic I liked, so having them pose might not be necessary... With the sun staying in the sky longer, drawing will be a LOT easier (I hate working under artificial light).

Ars Magica goes well... Almost a year...

Hm, I should try and get contact info on Jan Malina...

Also: ipods are crazy neato. Civil War? Not so much.

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