vrylakos (vrylakos) wrote,

My 2006 Review

Ok, lessee....

1. Got a job as the librarian at the same branch and department that I had worked in as a Librarian Assistant.
2. Got sideswiped by the Heather Implosion, and fell to little pieces for a while.
3. Then moved on into the Janine Stupidity, though at least I got to draw a really nice piece, which sadly I gave her.
3b. I started my Ars Magica campaign, which I'm still playing.
3c. Went to KublaCon with Craig and Sonja, which was a blast.
3d.Went to Comic Con in SD, and spent a lot of great time with Steve!
4. Tried a lot of internet dating stuff, nothing really amounting to anything.
5. Told a certain Lauren Ryan, who I'd been a good friend to and long admired and considered out of my league that she'd bad taste in men and I'd kill to have a girlfriend like her. A few weeks later, she came out, and is now my girlfriend.
5b. Convinced the library district to buy 4 Xbox 360s... which thus far have not been used due to their new concern with games and ratings...
6. Had a blast in October with the Quadruple Hit of DarrenNotCon 2006, Mark's Bachelor Party as my pad, a trip to visit New Jersey and see Lauren, and then Mark and Chaunacey's Wedding.
7. Had a birthday... it sort of sucked, but I did get to play Ars Magica with my friends and a surprise cake from Renee.
8. Got to hit First Friday with Craig which was fun. Enjoyed the running around and getting good deals. Perpetrated the Best Buy DVD Scam which will net me an Xbox 360 soon...
9. Had a bleh Christmas.
10. Now Lauren is here. And she got me a 30GB Video iPod!!! I am overwhelmed!
11. More news tomorrow... first good news of 2007, hopefully!
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