December 14th, 2005

Seeing Thingy, Eye, Optic

After the Phone Call

So, yeah... 2.5 hours of phone call later. I consider. I watch an ep of Blake's 7, and then fall asleep on my couch, awake, and crawl to bed.

On the one hand, the conversation was long. Which is good. I can make her laugh, but was that ever in doubt? I am charming, entertaining fellow, after all.

I will admit, I did, a couple of times, drift from the convo, and struggled to recall what she had just said. That's sort of a bad sign.

She's smart, though, and she sent me pics of her house. She's artsy, and has painted a lot of stuff, and has a very lush and eclectic design sense. Pretty groovy. Is she smart enough? I'm sort of a snob when it comes to intelligence.

We talked easily. I look forward to seeing her on... SUNDAY?!?

Yes, Sunday. She has holiday parties on Sat. Grrr. I work until 6pm. Normally, I'd take a half day off, so I could be all groomed (well, as groomed as I get, lacking any training in such things of the gentry), changed, and we could eat, go see gorilla, and so on. HOWEVER, I have my much anticipated Teen Anime Advisory Group meeting, the first one, set for Sunday, so no way to duck out. So, less than ideal date, in my mind, but I will take it with a smile. I think it will go pretty well, but am wondering what the potential is within this chemical combination. But then, I think too much.

I am tempted to go on a rambling monologue on what I want from relationships and life and so on, but it will tend in directions I don't particularly want to entertain today, so the rest... is silence.
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Seeing Thingy, Eye, Optic

A Quiz. For Friends.

If you know me, or even think you know me, or at least want me to think you know me, then I pose the following request and challenge. I am on a quest for self-knowledge. Outside opinions make me perhaps consider parts of myself that I normally do not.

SO... I ask you to post the three most important aspects of me - qualities, adjectives, concepts - the essence of Darren, both good and bad. They CAN be negative - I certainly know of negative aspects of myself and probably you as well. I may ask clarification, perhaps privately, if I am unsure what your aspect means, but I will accept them all as legitimate and true. I may need to work on myself, so how my friends see me is important.

So, you know I like upfront people. Go on, be up front. Who is Darren to you?

Also: I am teflon. Don't worry if you think your words can hurt me. I know I am far from perfect - so have at it - don't censor yourself on account of my feelings.
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