December 13th, 2005

Seeing Thingy, Eye, Optic


On my... uhm.. break here at the library, I just submitted my final paper.
My degree work is over.
I graduate this Saturday, December 17th, as a Master of the Library and Information Science Arts - Info-Shaolin!

Also on Saturday: Date! King Kong! Dinner! Conversation! Reservations exist, but optimism runneth over.

Catch you on the flipside, you beautiful people!

Off to call the To Be Dated One!
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How do you slay a man? With a headshot.

I need to know who did that song that has "I am the Disco! Fire in... the Taco Bell!" in it... and what that song was.

Also, there's a weird electronica song that SOUNDS like Aphex Twin that goes "Brush your teeth!"

Waiting for a call back...
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