December 11th, 2005


Conversations with Devon, Part 2.

Scene: Zen Sushi's all-you-can-eat sushi dinner, meeting friends (Craig and Sonja)who recently moved away but are in town for work related reasons. Devon is also there, eagerly awaiting her yellowtail roll.

Sonja: So, you seeing anyone? Or is school still getting in the way of that.
Darren: What, you don't read my livejournal?
Craig: You have a livejournal?
Darren: Uhm... yeah. It's free...
Sonja: So, no, and answer the question.
Darren: Oh, well, I'm not going out with anyone - but there are these two woman kind of on my radar, and they're both REALLY interesting and -
Devon: My dad's a pimp.
Darren: WHAT?!?
Devon: (cackles)

If Shannon and Devon ever meet, I may have to leave the country.
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