December 5th, 2005


In a week, I am done... ALSO The History of my Lovelife.

Yeah, so I'm going to graduate soon. Within two weeks. Then - more free time, a chance to resurrect my social life and expand my circle of friends, see if I can get an RPG running, finish any number of computer or Xbox games, and possibly see if there's any worthwhile lady out there who interests me. Then I'll have to decide whether to stay in Vegas, or maybe move to California where it seems the great mass of friends live. Hmmm...

And now a rambling thesis on my current love-life philosophyCollapse )
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Movies and Misc

Saw Aeon Flux: It's a scifi flick with enough Aeon Flux glazing thrown in to appease me since my expectations were low.

Also saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Not bad. Fun, best when it concentrates on the OH WOW! sense of wonder, and a bit less interesting with the Scooby Doo mystery bits. Honestly, you'd think there's be some way to deal with shapechanging. The staff of Hogwarts are obviously not player characters.

I think I'm am going to get Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for $20 at Best Buy. I have a fair bit of fun with those games. I was not going to bother, but for $20?

Hm, my DVD player remote isn't working. I tried changing batteries, no luck. I am wondering if its the remote or the dvd player. I bought a generic remote, and as yet have had no luck making it work, so I wonder if it might be the receiver for the remote signal on the dvd player itself. Admittedly, my DVD player was a pretty cheap Daewoo that I bought so I could play region-free HK films and Godzilla flicks and whatever foreign cinema came my way... so perhaps the receiver crapped out. I am going to try and use the universal remote to control the TV tonight. If that works, it must be the receiving bit on the player, right?
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