November 29th, 2005


I invite you to... CONQUER THE GALAXY!

I'm playing Pardus, a free online mmog wherein you become a starship captain. You decide how you want to live, what you want to do, if you want to join any factions or just do your own thing...

You can keep space clear of bizarre alien lifeforms, you can trade and help the player-driven economy run. You can hunt down people who have a bounty placed upon them, you can lead skirmishes into or out of the Neutral Zone, you can build space factories or trading outposts... There's tons to do, and it's a very interesting game with a lot of development behind it. Did I mention it's free?

Anyhow, I've been playing for a few weeks under the name Alpha Speer - of the proud Speer Family who fought the good fight in Urban Dead, the zombie survival mmo.

Pardus is lightyears more advanced. There's a tutorial that teaches you the basics, and once you go through it, you'll see that the game is really not as complex as it looks. Join the Federation and get to act all Star-Trekky. Join the Empire, and be part of the underdog yet militarily more powerful Empire of the Ska'ari and its member races. I chose Empire, since I want to grow up and be "Lord Alpha Speer" and get my Dune on. There's lots of info I can give new players to help out, so drop me a line. Also, I can throw cash at you, as I've discovered a pretty lucrative trade route.

And thus do I invite all you freaks and geeks to join me in Pardus, and give the game a go. Send messages through the game to Alpha Speer and I'll add you as a Friend on my Diplomacy screen. If you want to join the Speer Dynasty add Speer to your last name, and I might spot you in the dark between the stars.

Post your in-game name here if you join!
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