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The All-Seeing Eye
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Sunday, November 27th, 2005

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Consumer Ragin' Cajun
Ok, I'm only nominally Cajun. Mainly just the last name. I don't say "mon cherie", know how to cook gumbo, or throw exploding playing cards. Much.

However, I am a consumer. And this last week, on Friday, Black Friday of the shopping frenzy which I looked forward to ALL year, I wander into Costco (for the free cookbook which not only has a kickass looking scallop recipe, but also a recipe for chili that uses... MONSTER ENERGY DRINK... which you bet I am gonna cook) - anyhow, I wander in, grab cookbook, and what should I see but...

Angel and Buffy in COMPLETE BOXED SETs. All the seasons. Yes. All.

Now, I already own these. I lurve them. I long to watch them all again with someone who has not seen them, or someone who wants to play "What's YOUR fave episode?"

HOWEVER... I paid $36 a pop for mine. What, 7 seasons of Buffy, that's $252 or so.

They're selling them for $159 for the complete set of Buffy!

Ok... so... I guess that's the price I pay for being a fan.
HOWEVER... there had BETTER not be any new stuff on this complete set. Extra commentaries or special features... because then I'll be very irritated. I'm investigating, but was curious if any of the many media-savvy friends I have happen to know already.

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Phurtive Fotography
Photo taken without subjects knowledge. True/False?
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For Fans of the Knighted One
For those who like wan, pale thespians, I present this. Best pic of her from the Con, and only minutes before Red Kryptonite hit the Earth! Ant head!
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Cute Girl.... really.
What horrors might a cute nerd girl undergo to remain incognito? Click and see within what exposure to shoddy Japanese toys might do on a birthday night filmed in Surreal-o-Vision!
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