November 22nd, 2005


DRAPT! and Schadenfreude

Yeah, so only Warren and Jan and I will get that reference.

Had a fabulous birthday. Perhaps my best one ever! So, thanks to everyone. I know I called or chatted to some folks to thank them, but this is for all's y'all.

Thanks to Mark for being Mark, putting up with me as his Shabu Shabu buddy, and laughing at all my antics.
Thanks to Shannon for being cute as a button, a smartass, and not hating me when I dumped her on her ass while pulling at her hair tie thingy. Oops. Also,
Thanks to Chaunacey for being groovy, having great hair that I didn't pull on, and roomifying me.

It was good to meet the Fullertrons.

Thanks to Eric, Erik and Jan (Attorneys At Law) for being the most fun one house can handle! Erik's drunken Sinestro ramblings will appear as a mysterious radio transmission on an upcoming episode of Lost. Erik is also great for the awesome Iron Man shirts! Eric for frikking Aquaman, which I just wear and look at my back in the mirror while making "Ha-cha!" sounds. My daughter weeps.

I also salute Warren for kicking muy booty at Vs and also getting me a really cool gift that I already had - but I am keeping his and giving away my original one because I am so touched by his gesture. What a great guy!

Mmmmm... and damn, Eric took us to a really nice Chinese restaurant. I had Golden Scallop Fried Rice, which was good, but immense, and I really should have thought to dole it out to people - there were so many other things that looked tasty as well, and I am afraid I may have eaten more than my fair share of appetizers in a riotous birthday gourmand frenzy.

Did I mention I suck at Shadowfist? Admittedly, it's been a year, but man, I play like I use a Magic 8-Ball to make major decisions for me. So sad.

Gen Con So Cal is nothing without the people. Shadowfist's presence was somewhat disheartening, but the game is fun. I do wish I had gotten into an Unknown Armies session with the amazing Todd Furler, but the game was scheduled later than it was possible to be out without enraging all of Shadowfist.

I am sorry I attacked Earl. A lot. But, he's better than me! And playing decks I've seen come back from the grave! In fact, he won one game just like that! So... viva Earl! Thanks to him for boothing, tournamenting, and accepting my relentless assault.

It was also wonderful to see Jennifer, who is cute and groovy.
Also, in her company, and regrettably not talked to nearly as much as I would have liked, was one of the Seven Wonders of My World. A woman SOOOO pretty it boggles the mind! Dare I post a picture of one of the most dazzling combination of features seemingly designed to make my heart go ker-thump? Dare I make a fool of myself in public? Oh, only always.

In closing a story:
One there was a driven young woman who did whatever it took to get ahead, including putting out her alleged friends.
One day she took a job through somewhat dubious means. An alleged friend was put out, and noted that she confessed guilt over her actions. The driven young woman was now an Evil driven young woman.
Then, a week later, a very high paying job opened up, and the Evil driven young woman's mother applied for it, only to have her application turned down, because it would place her in a position directly over her in the hierarchy, which is not allowed to occur amongst family members working in the library district. So, the Evil driven young woman screw up her mother's chances to be a Regional Director, and return to the city from her place as an administrator of a far away rural branch.
And Darren laughed and laughed and laughed.
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