November 4th, 2005


Ragnarok: Or I got stood up?

The location of our meeting was seemingly sure. Upon arrival, the brightly lit sign betrays a coffee house scraped as clean as the guts of an empty promise. There is no coffee in Jitters, nor shall there ever be again. Ah! I call friends! Perhaps another Jitters exists, the Princess Leia fallback plan - there is another! No. There is not, motherfucker. I return and send an email. I even bought a Superboy shirt to go with my cool blazer that I bought. Perhaps it is the blazer? I bought it to meet another woman who likewise fell apart like a shoddily built robot-toy.

"Motherfucker!" I scream at the sky. Also "Assbite", "Shit!" and "Unkind!"

And now I am with you, dear reader. And so I leave a tale of greatest fancy. Perhaps I shall stalk Rebecca Borgstrom.

Aquaman - he kicks the ass of the endtimes...
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