November 1st, 2005


Calling All Librarianoids and Tech-heads

You know who you are...

Ok, my department head has OK'd for the moment a possible "Young Adult Library Blog". I'm interested in seeing if some sort of blog is a better way to get info out to teens in the area. The clincher, though, seems to be making sure that teens can't just log in and swear. I need a way to control comments. Ideally, a way to screen comments. I myself don't groove to that idea, but it'll set the Department Head's mind at ease.

So, what bloggy/journally thing might be able to provide that sort of content security, or can you suggest an alternative to post screening? A language filter (lame, but such is the world I work in)? I'm newly minted in the wild world of LJ/blog and mainly use if for stream of consciousness venting and memepropagation.

In other news, my flight to LA is booked.
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