October 17th, 2005



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"In his younger days a man dreams of possessing the heart of the woman whom he loves; later, the feeling that he possesses the heart of a woman may be enough to make him fall in love with her."

- Marcel Proust
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"But time is endless...as is my hatred! When he least expects it, when he's most unprepared; Doom will strike again!!"

"The King of Latveria is no common murderer. If I cannot magnificently win a victory . . . it affords me no pleasure to merely slay a foe."
Daredevil #38

"Though Dr. Doom is capable of many things, the Master of Latveria does not lie!"
Fantastic Four #87
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Midnight in the Garden of Fucked-Up Omelets

Yes, so... some days cooking is an adventure.
I've never made an omelet. There's plenty of stuff I've never made. Expanding my culinary repetoire is of some importance to me, so tonight, it was omelets. Sauteed mushrooms? Check - excellent. Bell peppers sanguine and verdant? Check - texture is go. Strips of turkey ham? Yup. Onion? Yup yup.

Egg-Starts (from costco). They stay good longer than eggs, so I got some. Dunno if they were the culprit, or if I just need to keep working on the omelets.

So, 2 cups egg starts or so, a couple spoons of milk, salt, pepper. Melt a bit o butter in my non-stick skillet pan thingy. Pooooour. First actual omelet seems to be going well, but when I try to fold it over the fillings, it basically gets all screwed up and opts to become huevos asscheros. I forget to add cheese - and I had some good-ass cheese, too. Devon eats 'it'. On pain of death. She's a picky eater for no damn reason.

Second omelet. i add a bit more pseudo-egg. When the omelet starts looking like eggclumpy with liquidy egg sbout it, I prepare to fold, but this one also blows it. It keeps the general shape, but sort of rips open.

I eat the damn thing. I realize I forgot the cheese again. Grrr.

So, are the egg-things too slight and frail? Am I not letting the 'let cook enough? Will cheese be some sort of skinweave that will keep it all together? And what about Greg Mannino's brain?

Well, got a ton of pre-chopped veg stuff for omelets, and a bigassed box of The Color Out of Space (egg), so tomorrow looks like more omeletsperimentation. Maybe I'll take photos. Devon, btw, says the omelets are too bland. They're damn omelets. Salt and pepper to taste, for Emeril's sake.

Anyone have good omelet fu?
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