October 16th, 2005


If you knew the joke, you would laugh...

3 hours of sleep.
I should have had more.
It's like a car crash, and you can't look away - then suddenly you realize you're in that car as the glass splinters in slow-motion and your face gets slammed into the steering wheel.

Eventually I will tired of this stupid dance as I find myself crawling from the wreckage.

I don't need exercise.
I need an exorcism.

You know when you've chatted too long when you start hearing a phantom "BDEEP", like a ghost just replied to something, and there's an ectoplasmic blinking window waiting for your attention in the ethereal plane. You hear again... BDEEP... BDEEP... There is nothing there. BDEEP. Maybe it's my pulse?

My problem and theirs: Hope Springs Eternal. Delusion is king, and he has a cooking show. I love the taste of it, and so does the person across the table. I am served the ghost of ambrosia, only to discover it is all a reflecting pool slipping through my fingers. Across the table, she eats crow. It's what she ordered.

In the morning, the sun cooks off the mist and the fairy feast should be revealed. I will awake and find myself alone in a ring of mushrooms, and discover that my dining partner never existed.

There are crow feathers everywhere, though, and in the forest, laughter.

Someone is having a good time in the fairy forest.
I could walk deeper, try to find that laughter.
I could walk out, find a path, leave.

I am only here because I want to be...
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A Chant Based on Strange Weather

The air
Is the Temperature
Of my Skin
I cannot tell
Where I end
And the Air begin

Yeah, staying up.
I should not. Kind of going beyond tired now, to the supernal realms.

The Tokyopop gig was pretty good. 35 folks showed up, Devon bought Mark of the Succubus from the artist and writer and got a sketch. I got a sketch of a werewolf from some guy called.. something like Hanzo Laibach - Midnight Opera artist/writer.

I think a manga swap might be a cool thing to do. People bring manga they're not going to read again, plop them on a table, and then everyone grabs something new brought by another person. Would teens dig it?

Night time is the right time.