October 14th, 2005


You must believe...

Believe me. It IS an upgrade. It is... if only you knew. Flights leaving hourly for limbo or lambada, baby.

These are words on your computer screen. Lick them, and you lick the truth.

Despero. Despair. He will make you settle for less. I refute him. You all should too.

Aye, I can tie a cherry stem into a knot with my tongue, there's the rub.
I can kill Supermen with my kryptonite heart. Medusa Mask up to the task...

Metallo... you must remember... you are Metallo...

Is there such a thing as second chances? Is a crisis infinite?

OMAC Projects...

Somewhere, there is a pretty geek girl.
Somewhere, there is a pretty geek woman.

I want one but not t'other. Aenigma Rebis.

Remember kid, we'll always hate Chemo.
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    Wonderboy - Tenacious D