October 5th, 2005


Back to the Dungeon

So, today, in my mail at work, I find a box from Wizards of the Coast.
Go here to give it a look: Afternoon Adventures with Dungeons and Dragons I sent off for this a month or two ago.

So now, if I wanted, I could try and run an rpg for some high schoolers. Question is, do I want to? I'd like to grow the hobby, sure, and get teens into the library, crosspromote and so forth.

But these aren't my friends. They're teens. Worse yet, teen gamers. Am I ready for that kind of drama?

Apparently, the Young Adult librarian who got this ball rolling has run a game for years. I've got to read the article more closely, but is 4 hours a week dedicated to, I assume, the same small group of 4-8 teens worth it? I don't concern myself with throughput a lot in my programming, but it seems a pretty small number. Hm. And do I want to get stuck at the desk with Teen Barbarian, trying to help people while he tells me about how COOL his magic sword is going to be, or how he totally has a plan to kill the black dragon wyrmling.

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