October 4th, 2005


Dance Dance Dissolution

Hm, ok... the library needs to buy an Xbox or 4. Simple as that. I'm going to approach the Friends of the Library. Why? Because while Halo on the Xbox was an unqualified success, it only attracted over 4 tournaments about 10 female gamers from a little over 500 total participants.

But Dance Dance Revolution, I think, if marketed correctly, will attract more of a mixed crowd, which will rock.

How do you have a Dance Dance tournament? I have NO damn clue, but it's going to happen. Now I've got to go buy a dancepad and the game, but hey, I'd been wanting to get into better shape.
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How Good IS that Hulk Game?

Let me tell you... I greatly respect craftsmanship in anything. The Hulk is a game that has a lot of craftsmanship put into it - and by that I mean love, little touches, a bit of the creators invested into the product.

Anyone know the best way to photograph a TV screen with a digital camera? I'll post some shots if you can figure it out, coz right now the photos catch it's scanning so part of the screen is blank.

Anyhow... I unlocked the Joe Fixit skin today. Joe Fixit is the Hulk's crude, juvenile yet intelligent persona. Grey skinned, and wearing a suit, since "Joe Fixit" as he called himself, gets involved in organized crime in Vegas.

So, I unlock it and expect, ok, I'll be jumping around looking like Joe Fixit and that'll be cool, but I'll be otherwise be roaring and growling like the Hulk I've been playing.

Wrongo! This is where the craftsmanship comes in. Joe Fixit talks in a perfect voice. He talks smack. He's a smartass. When he drops down from 0 stories, he says "Taaa-daaa!". When General Ross in a giant robot beat the hell out of my fedora wearing grey ass, as Joe Fixit Hulk keeled over he said "Tell your ma I said hi!"

It's the little things. Even in CUTSCENES, if you're using Joe Fixit, there's dialogue. That is sweet.

In other news, I unlocked the all missiles are cows code, and now volleys of explosive bovine rain on me from jets and tanks. I can also grab these rocket-cows and throw them back at their firer.

Life is good.
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