October 3rd, 2005


Secret Fears of Youth Librarians

I do a storytime. On average, from 80-140 people come to it. Kids love me. They love me because I rock their tiny socks off.

But, as anyone who knows me will attest, I know swear words.

And there is that lurking fear, that somehow, my mind will cross a wire, and I will slip a Bad Word into a story on accident.

Name these popular children's books, remixed by my nightmares:

"I will not eat green eggs and shit."

"But I've never seek a fuck on a bike!"

"Let the wild whupass begin!"

"... with a bunny on your cock - I mean head."

Some days, I feel like a ticking timebomb of terror.
Weep for my young charges, weep for them.

It's a lot like this:
Image hosted by Penny Arcade.com

Force of Habit

I am tired. But I'm feeling pretty groovy, thanks to among other things my evil corporate friend, Starbucks.

So, everyday, I hit some sites. Sort of like checking the newspaper. Here's where I log on to verry verry reg'lar, like:

www.gmail.com - I check my gmail. Who doesn't have an invite? I give you one, ten, a million...
www.hotmail.com - my slush email. All the stuff that is junky or might give me junk gets this email
www.gamingreport.com - this is where I get my gaming news. I generally avoid the forums.
www.rpg.net- this is where I check gaming reviews, get involved in discussions, check their Media forum for info on movies, TV, etc. that a geek like me might like, and so on.
www.ogrecave.com - for gaming industry news with more of a personal commentary go here.
www.andrewsullivan.com - For political stuff. Sullivan seems a pretty well-reasoned guy, and I appreciate the thought he puts into posts. I also tend to follow links from his site a lot.
www.newsarama.com - for comic book news and scandalous gossip about the writer of Dorothy's drinking problem.
www.drudgereport.com - Matt Drudge is possibly human scum, but he's scum who has many sources and can sometimes break stories. His bias shows like fur on a wookie, but look past that and it's sometimes a worthy read.
www.urbandead.com - will the interest in my zombie fade? Maybe.

Trying to find a mainstream news site that isn't full of baloney.

How about you? Gimme any sites you hit with alarming regularity.

Whom the Gods cannot destroy, they tease

So, I wanted to see some chums the weekend of Oct 20th out in Pasadena, try my hand at Vs, which I am terrible at, but mainly see cool people and give them some stuff I owe 'em. BUT, forgot, I have to go to the Nevada Library Association conference in Reno that weekend. Oh well, sez I.

NOW, the mocking begins!

The Plucker tour is going to be in Pasadena. Brom, one of my favorite artists, his new book, signing, and so forth.

I fully expect that by the time I actually GET to the NLA conference, gold will begin to rain from Pasadena's skies, the residents will achieve universal consciousness, and everyone in the city will gain superpowers and/or a giant robot.