October 2nd, 2005


Desert Island Deathmatch

Ok, so on our teen wall we've got an 'interactive reality show' that I came up with. Teens and self-knowledge/identity are entwined like two snakes on a caduceus. Identity is easier with outside things to pick from, connect with. Cliques, bands, etc. etc. etc. SO, teens tend to respond well to the little popularity contest I post on the wall.

The idea is: Two celebrities are trapped on a desert island. Who survives?

We've had Christina Aguilera (winner) vs. Britney, Monkey (winner) vs. Robot, Spongebob (winner) vs. Patrick, Johnny Depp (winner 46 to 11, so sad) vs. Orlando Bloom...

Currently Buffy vs. Master Chief.
Surprisingly, it looks like Buffy might lose.

Next week: Napoleon vs. Pedro!

Anyone have any good ones? Anyone want to vote and defend their choice?

PS: Apparently, there's an unlockable in the Hulk game that has all the missile launchers fire cows. My lunchtimes are filled with violence... I must quest for this unlockable