September 27th, 2005



Figured out my Xbox problem. I lied and told it my TV could handle 720p signal. No, it must, yet it cannot! So, I fixed that by piping all games into 480p format. Which... sucks. Well, no it doesn't but now I've got that nagging annoyance that I'm not playing some of my Xbox games at their full potential. I am being underentertained. So, now I'm going to start looking at HDTVs that support all those sigs - which is unrealistic since I got my HDTV for a song and will likely not get a good deal like that looking for 720p supporters. Not consciously, but it's like a hook buried in my ID.

I really need to stop drinking the Monster energy drink when I'm not in high homework crankout mode. I feel like I'm vibrating. I think I'm having an origin.
Like Zoom...

Edit: Do I have time for a friendster account? No. Did I tell some friends about my LJ, and now have a zillion friendster invites? Yes. So, I don't know what you do with friendster, but I'm there. I need to upload some photos, I guess. Oh, jeez, now I'm getting myspace stuff sent to me. I don't have time for all this! I've got Xbox - I mean homework to do!

ALSO - is there a LJ editor? Coz... everyone has a cool look, and mine is vanilla. My LJ-fu is totally weak.