Just when you think it's settled...

So, today I accepted the Teen Librarian position at Nutley.

Then, six hours later, Old Bridge library gets out of a Library Board meeting. They've amended the job to decrease the years of professional experience required, and I'm now their top candidate.

So, 8k more dollars, more vacation time, a new supervisory level position with room to make it my own and leave my mark. What's keeping me from taking it?

NOTHING. I feel kind of bad for accepting at Nutley and now sending in a letter reneging, but nothing was signed and the offer was indeed better at Old Bridge.

Soon, I will live very close to a town named Cheesequake.


The Las Vegas festivities are now FULL. I can't pack any more in, even though some of them are 'if i can make it' commitments, they're people I haven't seen since... wow... college?

So, no offense to anyone else who wanted to come. I'm just trying to budget space, time, towels, and so on. Also - sometimes I can't handle large crowds of folks - as the DarrenCon folks sort of glimpsed during exhausted-Darren-shutdown mode wherein I did not play Ivy League (TM) so I'm keeping the guest list smaller than the apparent demand.

Otherwise, I'd love to see you in other venues. Maybe Gen-Con next year?

The Unbearable Lightness of Gaming...

So, my apartment is 75% boxes... maybe more. Furniture disappearing.

But my HDTV ($300 off coupon at Costco, 4 years ago or so) and Xbox 360 are still up, still going strong.

Game I'm playing (disc based): the $39.99 Project Sylpheed. It's a space fighter sim ala Wing Commander, with an anime vibe. The storyline is straight up Gundam, the controls are sort of arcane in a good way. You can flip 180% with ease, you've got missile lock ons, boost, and special maneuvers (which I rarely used - all weapon fire, quick ramming boost, and slo-mo). A ton of weapons, so you need to go through it twice at least to get them all. This second time through, I've sworn off multiple lock missiles and am trying the beam and laser weapons. Dogfights seem to be more interesting, but you still never get tired of seeing 60 missile contrails streak away from your fighter, burst into smaller missiles, and then light up the enemy squadrons. I dig it, but then I loved Wing Commander.

Xbox Live Arcade: Playing a lot of Carcasonne, Catan, and Bomberman Live. All very good, very fun.

Game Demos: Egan, all around swell guy and game designoid, does not need to pimp Stranglehold. It pimps itself. I am looking forward to going through the demo again with the posse this weekend. I pretty much must get this game as I love the Chow Yun Fat, and the game has tons of fun, and no glaring flaws that I can see. I hear the game on hard gives a different feel and respect for the action - for the better - and I'm interested in seeing if that's true.

Bioshock: there's a special feeling that a well crafted, immersive game gives in my deepest heart of heart. Bioshock's demo reeks of that feeling. Wow. The sound design and attention to detail and it's internal style is awesome.

Beautiful Katamari: I never got to play Katamari. Mark selfishly sat playing it after I finally saw him for the first time in years, secretly yearning to give it a go. I even bought it for that Heather chick thinking we'd cuddle up and roll our katamaris, O self-serving me.

Anyhow, same play, slightly better graphics, fun fun fun.

Other stuff: I must get Mass Effect. I am curious about Assassin's Creed. I'm trying valiantly to not get Halo 3 Legendary Edition... because then I'd have to get a cat to wear the helmet that comes with it. Wait... Lauren has a cat...

I am registered now, Tony. Get off my ass...

check the Metahuman Activity Map


I'm the goddamn Star-Beater!
I beat stars! THAT is some serious ass superheroing!
I don't just fight 'em, I beat 'em. Maybe to death, I dunno.


From my letter of registration confirmation:


Congratulations, and welcome to the Champions Prime reserve force. If you're
reading this your powers are probably K-class or better, one of the heavy
hitters of the superhero universe. When planet-eating gods or interdimensional
invasion fleets arrive, or maybe the Moon is a little ways out of alignment, you
get called. Let the karate kids and backyard inventors clean up the street –
you're built for the cosmic stuff.

I'm Damsel -- but then, you know that. I've only saved your planet forty-seven
Seeing Thingy, Optic, Eye

Darren-A-Gone-Gone: the D-Dog leaving the Coast, last chance to see!

Thursday night, August 16th through August 19th Sunday, I'm hosting folks at my increasingly empty apartment.

Mark is the only confirmated personage of breeding and character whom I can verify will be in attendance. There shall be games, DVDs, Xboxery and general stuff of interests to persons of high breeding (nerds). I may give shit away, who knows?

I would hope that something akin to last year's bachelorganza might occur. Indeed, I shall be wed in the spring!

In other news: My week of interviews in New Jersey is behind me - I am sitting on a job offer from the Nutley Public Library, a small library in a nice township just across the river from NYC in Jersey. They offered my the job a scant three hours after interviewing me. It's a Teen Librarian position, with supervisory possibilities, that might grow into a senior librarian position in time. Initially the vacation days suck until 2009, but the benefits are good. Though I'll be making more than I make in Vegas, the cost of living will eat through that no problem. Two incomes will make things work overall, methinks. Lauren goes there to check out possible housing tomorrow.

I may get more offers - I expect to hear about them mid-next week.

Looking forward to: Halo 3.

I am hoping that I can convince friends this holiday season to buy an Xbox 360. The 65 nanometer chips will be out soon, perhaps arriving even now, and I hope to entice my comrades into multiplayer games, online X360 versions of Carcasonne (excellent), Catan, Uno, and more...

If interested, let me know, old chaps and chappettes.

Ok, an update!

Greetings, True Believers!

Yes, a long time between updates.

So, yes. Lauren and I are getting along great. We're engaged, to be married next spring.

I'll be moving up there the... 23rd or 24th of August. Not too far away, so I'm packing and so on.
I've got some interviews lined up for the first week of August.

So, a bit stressful right now.
I'd like to see folks come out like Neil, Jack, Mark, Jeff, and Heidi did for Mark's bachelor party. Fun would be had by all!

I'd like to sell some stuff on ebay, but procrastination has set in. I've got some worthwhile stuff, but then I look at all the boxes yet to pack, and the boxes I still need to grab.

I'm getting rid of a massive amount of comics. Some comics are fast food, some are layered exotic cuisine. The fast food is going. You want comics from 1983-2007? Come on by.

Likewise, a lot of game stuff. Heroscape - I bought a ton of it (it had cyborg monkeys, come on) and it looked really fun, but Battlelore will take care of my miniature needs.

A bunch of action figures have already been gotten rid of, but I know more lurk... somewhere...

So, do you want nerd stuff? Come on down!

As for me and Lauren: We're doing great. She's got a new job as a Department Head of Circulation, which is mildly stressful for her as the library is being remodeled. Also, staff drama and general life stuff.

Devon will be coming out to live in NJ, and that's a big change. Lauren is not quite sure how it's going to all fall together and is a bit worried. A big change going from living by yourself to living with a surly teen. I don't envy her... but she loves me, so she's trapped!

Xbox 360: I have this genius idea where all my friends get Xbox 360's and get the Xbox Live dealio. We then play games together a few times a month. I've been playing Rainbow 6 Vegas, and it's pretty amazing. Gears of War was finish by Dev and I a little while ago. With any luck, an Xbox 360 version of Bomberman will be downloadable this week. Fun fun fun!

My pics:

Gears of War
Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2
Burnout Revenge
Dead Rising (single player)
Rainbow 6 Vegas
Halo 3 when it comes out (The beta was super fun)
Marvel Ultimate Alliance

Xbox Live Arcade:
Catan is groovy. I'm sure Carcasonne is as well.
Bomberman Live - hopefully released this week.
Pacman Championship Edition - nice spin on Pacman, and looks very cool.
Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved

So yes... obey me and become and X-minion.

more later... gotta get ready for work!

Out of Touch

Yeah, so... been a while, eh?

Tomorrow - off to NJ again to see Lauren, love of my life. Fun in things simple and goofy will be had.

The clock ticks... I haven't talked to the Ericks lately... I feel bad that I've fallen off the radar. I need to get together will my ultranerdcore friends. I've got an xbox 360 now, and it's stupid good.

Sucked into Pardus - now I leader the premier Union military strike force and am a bit of a politician... however, I've never killed anyone in the game. Sigh...

Here's my starbase's banner!

Managing my money better as I prepare for the move. DID NOT buy the ipod clock I wanted, or the ipod stereo - both of which I had coupons for...

I also need a meeting of my friends to give me a deadline for the making of Mark and Chaunacey's portrait. They actually sent me a pic I liked, so having them pose might not be necessary... With the sun staying in the sky longer, drawing will be a LOT easier (I hate working under artificial light).

Ars Magica goes well... Almost a year...

Hm, I should try and get contact info on Jan Malina...

Also: ipods are crazy neato. Civil War? Not so much.


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Seeing Thingy, Optic, Eye

Guess what?

I'm engaged!

Sunrise at the base of Lone Mountain here in Vegas. Rings, sweet words, and... a few hours later... I'm engaged.

She's a very worthwhile girl, this Lauren Ryan.

My 2006 Review

Ok, lessee....

1. Got a job as the librarian at the same branch and department that I had worked in as a Librarian Assistant.
2. Got sideswiped by the Heather Implosion, and fell to little pieces for a while.
3. Then moved on into the Janine Stupidity, though at least I got to draw a really nice piece, which sadly I gave her.
3b. I started my Ars Magica campaign, which I'm still playing.
3c. Went to KublaCon with Craig and Sonja, which was a blast.
3d.Went to Comic Con in SD, and spent a lot of great time with Steve!
4. Tried a lot of internet dating stuff, nothing really amounting to anything.
5. Told a certain Lauren Ryan, who I'd been a good friend to and long admired and considered out of my league that she'd bad taste in men and I'd kill to have a girlfriend like her. A few weeks later, she came out, and is now my girlfriend.
5b. Convinced the library district to buy 4 Xbox 360s... which thus far have not been used due to their new concern with games and ratings...
6. Had a blast in October with the Quadruple Hit of DarrenNotCon 2006, Mark's Bachelor Party as my pad, a trip to visit New Jersey and see Lauren, and then Mark and Chaunacey's Wedding.
7. Had a birthday... it sort of sucked, but I did get to play Ars Magica with my friends and a surprise cake from Renee.
8. Got to hit First Friday with Craig which was fun. Enjoyed the running around and getting good deals. Perpetrated the Best Buy DVD Scam which will net me an Xbox 360 soon...
9. Had a bleh Christmas.
10. Now Lauren is here. And she got me a 30GB Video iPod!!! I am overwhelmed!
11. More news tomorrow... first good news of 2007, hopefully!